Rufini Guitars Fleshgod Apocalypse CT1


Army of the Apocalypse €1,969.00

What gets to you the most about this guitar, other than its beauty, is the depth of its power and sustain. Powerful, comfortable, fast, versatile, stable.
Same woods and 25,5" scale used on the TR1 to create a wall of sound as well as to keep the tight and sharp tune in place even with extremely low or drop tuning, like the one used by FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE.
The use of the EMG 81/85 pickup set, with the medium jumbo frets, gives to the guitar a superior agility and a enhanced precision on solos as well as on all the parts requiring more expression and dynamic. A lead guitar by all means, perfect for every music genre.

-BODY: 2 pieces Sipo mahogany
-NECK: 1 piece quartersawn european maple, double action truss rod, 2 graphite stiffness
-FRETBOARD: Ebony “curved board” with 24 jumbo frets
-SCALE: 25,5”
-FINISH OPTION: “1700” aged matt nitro laquer
-HARDWARE: Shaller Floyd Rose locking tremolo, Gotoh black mini keys, strap lock system
-PICKUPS: EMG 81/85 set with Emg elettronics


Handcrafted by Rufini Guitars® in Perugia, Italy.

Shipment is at the moment only available for the following countries:
EU, Switzerland, Norway, Malta, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan.

Foto by Giacomo Ficola Photographer

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